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We have designed our curriculum as a response to the new National Curriculum that became statutory in September 2014.  We have worked in partnership, consulting with all staff and pupils. Our curriculum has been designed to raise standards and improve outcomes for the children throughout the federation. Children enter our schools with a wide range of needs and experiences, which are sometimes limited. Our approach has been developed to meet the needs of all our pupils and enrich their lives; whatever their starting point.

We value the diversity of individuals within our schools. All children have equal access to the curriculum and are treated fairly regardless of race, religion or ability. Our Curriculum is designed to reflect the diversity of the schools and our society.

We teach the children through topics that are integrated so that the learning is meaningful to them. We ensure there is progression so that the children develop valuable skills and acquire knowledge, through a broad and balanced curriculum. Topics build on and develop children’s interests, so that they are engaged and inspired. We shape our curriculum to reflect the ethos, aims and values of our schools:

We all shine

Wherever possible, the topic is used to link core and foundation subjects together such as literacy, history, geography, art and design. Spiritual, Moral, Cultural and Social development opportunities are woven through our curriculum, alongside British Values, to support children’s personal development and prepare them for life in modern Britain. We also build in curriculum enrichment weeks and special days where we focus on aspects of learning or subject areas, for example Arts Week, Enterprise Week or Health Week. We also offer a wide range of enrichment activities, throughout the day, such as trips, and after school to extend children’s knowledge and understanding.


Our curriculum is planned to:

  • be child centred and based on children’s interests, allowing them to direct the learning where appropriate
  • prepare children for an ever changing world where they can be responsible citizens
  • help children to become independent, resilient learners
  • enable children to lead a fulfilling and healthy life
  • provide opportunities for children to be creative and develop their own ideas
  • allow children to solve their own problems
  • be cross curricular and make links where appropriate
  • allow opportunities to use and apply skills
  • explicitly teach key skills and subject specific knowledge and vocabulary
  • build upon children’s knowledge and skills through a series of lessons
  • use the rich local environment as a basis for learning and educational visits
  • provide opportunities for outdoor learning and fieldwork
  • be flexible and allow us to respond to personal, local and national events
  • have a strong focus on Literacy with key texts identified, including opportunities to speak, read and write across a range of styles and subjects.
  • include opportunities for children to carry out project based learning at home
  • involve workshops and visitors to enhance the curriculum
  • use a range of approaches including practical activities and discussions
  • allow presentation in a range of ways including working walls, ICT, assemblies and role play areas


Our curriculum is implemented through termly topics which are carefully planned to ensure that knowledge and skills are covered and progression occurs. How our curriculum is implemented can be found on our curriculum framework, topic webs, unit posters and planning. Details on individual subjects can be found below.


The impact of our curriculum is monitored throughout the year by the Deputy Head and Curriculum Leaders. This is done in a range of ways including:

  • data analysis
  • looking at children’s work and other evidence of outcomes
  • lesson observations
  • feedback from children
  • feedback from teachers

For an overview of the curriculum we offer, click the relevant link below.

Core Subjects

English Maths Science Computing Religious Education

Early Years & Foundation Stage


Creative Curriculum

Key Stage One, Lower Key Stage Two and Upper Key Stage Two Creative Curriculum Overview.

Please click here to view Robert Browning's Creative Curriculum units.


Creative Curriculum Flyers

Please click on the link below to access your child's curriculum overview:

Creative Curriculum flyers outline the following:

  • Creative Curriculum unit for the current term
  • What your child will be learning in each subject
  • How you can help  with your child's learning at home
  • Details of the home learning project for the term
  • Homework your child will receive


Nursery Year 1 Year 3

Year 5


Reception Year 2 Year 4

Year 6


 See below for previous Creative Curriculum unit overviews.


Building London  - NURSERY and RECEPTION

Traditional Tales  - NURSERY and RECEPTION

Marvellous Me - NURSERY and RECEPTION

Out of This World NURSERY and RECEPTION


Key Stage One

Building London  - YEAR ONE and YEAR TWO

Once Upon a Fairy Tale  - YEAR ONE and YEAR TWO

Me, Myself and I - Year ONE and Year TWO

Wheels, Wings and Other Things  - Year ONE and Year TWO

Island Life  - Year ONE and Year TWO 

Fire, Fire!  - Year ONE and TWO 


Lower Key Stage Two

Building London  -Year THREE and FOUR

Where the Forest Meets the Sea - Year THREE and FOUR

More Than Mummies  - Year THREE and Year FOUR

Wild Weather-  Year THREE and Year FOUR

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Year THREE and Year FOUR

Glimpse of Greece  - Year THREE and FOUR 

Upper Key Stage Two

Building London   - Year FIVE and YEAR SIX

Ingenious Inventions  - Year FIVE and YEAR SIX

Fight For Freedom  - Year FIVE and Year SIX

A Passage of People  - Year FIVE and Year SIX

 Space, The Final Frontier- Year FIVE and Year SIX

Seven Seas: A Passage of People - Year FIVE and Year SIX